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Consultant in Process, Environmental, Chemical and Energy Technology


Sweprocon is a consultancy company that works proactively together with, and for, its customers. Our main focus is on energy efficiency, environmental services and processes and process technology within the forest products industry.


As process technology consultants we help companies to become more efficient and environmentally friendly by investigating, proposeing and making improvements in production processes and other areas.


Sweprocon provides services in renewable energy resources, e.g. biogas, fuels from wood-based raw materials, fuels from forest product industry processes and energy generation from them.


We are active in forest product industry research and development and we have experience in both basic and applied research in processes, products and quality development, especially in pulp and paper technology.


Through our knowledge in management systems and work with continuous improvements we provide methodology and ways of working that take into consideration our customers´ environmental, energy, quality, and work environment requirements.



Energy Efficiency

Environmental Friendly, Profitable, Long Term Planning


Services in energy efficiency that we provide to small and medium sized enterprises and industries include:


  • Energy surveys
  • Energy systems analyses
  • Pre-studies
  • Pre-projects and forecasting
  • Investment basis and budgeting
  • Projecting, implementation
  • Investment follow up
  • Grant applications


We can offer project management in energy saving programmes that develop from pre-studies through to implemen-tation of projects.


Forest Products Industry

Renewable Resources and

Renewable Energy


In forest products industry R&D, production and processes we deliver the following as packaged solutions or tailor-made services:


  • Pulp and paper technology
  • Forest products chemistry
  • Paper and wet end chemistry
  • Coating
  • Optimisation of chemical usage
  • Process data analysis
  • Process and production optimisation
  • Product and quality development
  • Education


In energy efficiency projects we take energy management systems, ISO 50001, into consideration.

Energy can be neither created nor destroyed



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